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Cool Marriage Services is newly launched in online matrimonial services. It is next generation matrimonial services. We have expert professionals several years of industry experience, and comprise a highly motivated set of specialists. We have considered many factors which are important apart from just a matrimony website.

Motive of the Cool Matrimony is to provide platform for search of soul mate. Getting right sole mate is not easy process. You may need to go through friendship, dating, Live-in and finally marriage to get your soul mate. You need to be friend to understand the person to know if he or she is right for you. Dating becomes essential to understand his nature, behavior, interest, common habits etc. Dating may not be essentially met physically. You can have online chat and video calls to understand in better ways. Our approach is also moved from tradition where parents were involved in each and every process from searching a potential groom or bride to marriage, to Bride or Groom based where Groom or bride finalized his or her partner. With this approach, all the primary searching can be done by Bride or groom. Once they find profile suitable and genuine profile, they will forward the profile to parents to check on it and if they are OK with it. Then parents can assess the profile with their experience and make final decision

Some of key futures of the website are as follows- 
1. Website in 10 languages

Website is available in ten languages i.e. Marathi, Hindi, English, Bengali, Gujarati, Panjabi, Sindhi, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. Translation may not be 100% accurate as it is Google translator. However, a person would be able to understand the site in his native language.

2. No need to mention Address and Contact Number in website

Traditionally in online matrimony, address and contact number are treated as prime and you pay for these details only. However, in Cool Matrimony website, you will not find address and contact numbers to feed in systems. We respect your privacy and would not disclose your data to anyone. Many times, Bride or Groom like the profile of someone, accept their interest on matrimonial website. However, parents do not agree and vice versa. Sometimes horoscope does not match to move further. In this process, your contact number and address reached to other parties who have accepted or raised interest in your profile. They start calling or coming to your home. It would be very embarrassing to reject them when you have already accepted their interest. To avoid these situations, we have not kept these fields in our website. Contact number can be given in message or chat only when you have decided to go ahead with the profile.

3. Profile Privacy

For certain profile, who are eligible grooms or bride in terms of looks, education and career. Once they join matrimonial sites, they received a lot of interest and their mailbox is full of matrimonial notifications only. It would be very irritating to them. They even cannot manage their messages due to high volume of interest and messages. Cool matrimonial website has made their life easier. With www.coolmatrimony.online, you can make either profile or photo in private mode. There is also provision to keep profile and photo both private in website. You can carry on with your search without disclosing your details and make visible your profile at right time only.

4. Add to Friend

We have option to “add friend” and not as “Send interest” for marriage as is in traditional websites. We believe Initialization of relationship has to be started as a Friend. As our motive is focused on soul mate, marriage is the end result. Let’s focus on friendship first. 

5. Chat Option –

Once you subscribe for the site, chat/messaging option will be active for you. You can talk with the person without disclosing your identity. Once you feel comfortable you can move further. There is also a common chat room which will be activated for premium members. It is open chat room and you can meet people with different background

6. Photos and documents sharing

Once you are comfortable with the person, there is question on everything he or she mentioned in profile. Before sharing contact details with the person, it is always advisable to verify his profile like Educational details, Salary, accommodation etc. We also have option wherein you can share your documents Id proof, Address Proof, Salary Slip, Electricity bill etc.

7. Profile Rating

You can rate the profile based on your experience with him or her also put a comment over it. Rating will be from 1 to 5 where 1 stand for you are not happy to meet him or her and 5 is very happy to deal with him or her. Rating will be visible to all.

8. Block the person –

Some profiles member can irritate you with constant messages or with virtual gifts or the language. You can block them in the site. If you block any person we will be blocking his IP address. He or She would not able to contact you from his mobile or PC.

9. Virtual Gift –

There will be not a serious environment like other matrimonial places where you are focused on checking photographs, education, career etc.of the other profiles, Check if it fines, send interest and logout. You would be treating other members as friends and you can send virtual gifts to your connections.

10. My Tracker –

You can add friends of cool matrimony to your ‘My tracker’. You can maintain text over there. You would be able to update current progress with the profile in My Tracker or any other important text. For example, I have ten friends / interest in cool matrimony and I may not able to track progress each and every interest received. I can add text like “met on so-and-so date, his pros and cons. It will help you in identifying most suitable profile as per your expectations. 

11. Audio/Video –

Many times with help of make-up and photos clicked in beauty mode, you may end up in embarrassing situation and more emotional damage. It is advisable to the entire member to add video profile and upload on website. You can upload audio, video and also blogs on website. Administrator will validate photos, audio, video or blog and approve it if found suitable for public.

12. Privacy Setting –

This is also a unique feature available in website. You can restrict if private message allowed to you, If friend request can be sent you, Who can view my picture, audios, videos, profile etc. It will give you immense privacy that never before given by any matrimonial website.

Please Read Privacy Policy carefully before registration. Use below link for Privacy Policy and registration.

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